Our Affiliation

Instituto Mexicano Tecnico Floral (IMTF- Mexico) is an education partner of the highly acclaimed American Institute of Floral Design (AIFD). Under the mentorship of Ms. Rocio Silva (CFD, AIFD) and Sr. Luis Silva (CFD, AIFD) a number of students from Mexican schools have received AIFD certification after successfully completed the AIFD training.

In Mexico, IMTF has over 8 branches of professional floral design schools. IMTF is recognized by the Mexican Federal Government. They are closely associated with Smithers Oasis group and assist to promote globally, the formal education program based on the art and craft of floral design. IMTF has devised a thoroughly structured and comprehensive curriculum based on theoretical and practical aspects of floral designing. Their diploma course is extensive and aimed at arming student with thorough knowledge and skills to become successful professional in the floral industry. For students who have completed the diploma program, IMTF offer the specialty courses which is a 5-week theme based certificate program.

Institute of Floral Design (India) is closely associated and receives complete academic support from IMTF. Institute of Philippine Floral Techniques is an international franchisee of IMTF.