Advance Certificate Course | Institute of Floral Design Mumbai

Advance Certificate Course

This course offers a perfect blend of theory and practical hands-on instructions. Students learn everything from the fundamentals of floral design to complete execution of minor, major events and commercial aspect of running successful floral business. Established professionals who wish to enhance their design and management skills also find our curriculum of great benefit. Throughout the course students are encouraged to build a portfolio of their work.

A 36 weeks, once-a-week vocational course on flower arranging has been designed by Ms. Rocio Sliva CFD, AIFD (accredited member of American Institute of Floral Design). With small class sizes, students receive a high level of personal attention, so they can hone the necessary skills to succeed as a floral designer.

On an industry level students are exposed to every aspect of commercial flower business: selecting, buying at the wholesale market, costing, time management and the all-important areas of promoting and presenting ideas. Certificate will be given upon successful completion and passing of all 3 semesters of the advanced course.

Semester I

  • Introduction into floral arranging as an art, craft and trade
  • Varieties and applications of flowers and foliage – Study variety of flowers & foliage
  • Purchase and handling of flowers
  • Tools of the trade
  • Theory of color
  • Basic design principles and element

Semester II

Design Techniques -
Involves learning of essential techniques
  • Basing, terracing
  • Grouping, banding
  • Binding, sequencing
  • Shadowing, framing
  • Many more techniques
Forms of design -
Arrangements using different shapes
  • They Learn the skill to use mass, line, symmetry and asymmetry in their designs
  • From the classic geometrical Triangle to the stylised Hogarth curve
  • One-side viewed to all round viewed arrangements
Design Styles -
Learn arrangements using
  • Traditional
  • Natural
  • Linear and experimental design styles

Semester III

  • Application of Principles, Elements, Techniques, Styles to events
  • Minor events:
    • Everyday occasions
    • Special occasions
    • Festivals
  • Use and arrangement of artificial flowers
  • Bouquets, Corsage, Boutonniere
  • Major Events:
    • Pre-wedding
    • Wedding
  • Establishing and operating a flower shop