Testimonial Mumbai

  1. This is to thank you and the teaching team at IFD for a beautiful introduction to the world of flowers.  Hoping I can continue to hone and better my skills in the future too.


    Griselda Ferrao, (Testimonies 13th Graduation)
  2. My passion was turned into reality here. Now I can see my career ahead. I would like to thank and express my gratitude to the whole faculty of IFD and Seema Ma’am, the learnings and rich experience which I earned from the institute will help me to grow further. The journey of nine months was a rich one and will be cherished forever.

    Prajakta Teli, (13th Gen Graduatation)
  3. I recently completed the career course at Institute of Floral Design and genuinely recommend it highly enough! This course was one that would fulfill and exceed my expectations. Working with the highest quality of floral material we were trained in the philosophy and style of Flower arrangements/Mood Flowers for the first few days, gaining confidence to then develop our own floral concepts as we worked to real. The volume of flowers, arrangements, styles and techniques that we got through was incredible and made it very good value for money. Seema mam, Sanjeevni mam, Harinakshi Mam & Daisy mam are fab and great at sharing their expertise and created a brilliant learning environment. I loved my short but sweet courses at IFD and wish I could do it all over again!"

    Akshaya Poojary, (13th Gen Graduatation)
  4. From Birth to death, there is one thing that is always used “Flowers”.  To decorate a cradle,   to the final journey of our lives.  Flowers have always been a medium of showing our emotion. 
    I love flowers.  But, my love for flowers was just limited to admire the beauty of it.  May be in an arrangement , wedding hall or at the local florist.  That’s it.  Untill I worked for  Luxury Jewelry,   brand where I managed their events.  This gave me an opportunity to come closer to my love  -  flowers.   I wanted to know more about the arrangements, learn them, so I googled about a  course which could train me to learn the techniques of arranging the flowers and that’s how I came across IFD.
    Joining IFD gave a feeling of going back to school.  Every class starts with an inspiring quote.  That itself gives us a confidence.  You get connected.   Teachers not only teaches us,  but there is question answer session, interaction with each and every student.  Sharing of our thoughts,  coz students come from different walks of life  and different age group.    We were taught basics of flower and foliages, handling them, color hamony, techniques, forms, special workshops are conducted, Finally we are trained to be professional florist.    There is appreciation as well criticism of our work.  But with every criticism we are taught where we went wrong. At IFD I made new friends and shared good moments with them.
    Thank you IFD for giving me this opportunity to learn floral designing and giving me a career as a floral designer.  Thank you to all my teachers who guided me in these “9 months” which helped in a birth of a floral designer."

    Lilly Kumaran, (13th Gen Graduatation)
  5. Like 9 months gives birth to a child....these 9 months have given birth to a new passion in me....I started this course as a hobby to decorate my house for occassions....thru the journey I realised my potential for a future career....doing am arrangement is therapeutic to a stressful day....and the course takes u thru to every minute and fine detail....the personal attention....the extensive information and the perfect amount of practical knowledge prepares u to be a complete floral designer....thank each and every teacher for their complete patience in this learning experience....

    Neha Gupta , (13th Gen Graduatation)
  6. My journey began with a phone call to Seema Ma'am who's professionalism and courteous nature set the path to my steps in IFD . Right from class one till the end of semester 3  both my teachers and other faculties have been wonderful. Always ready to help and  share ideas. IFD is not just about floral arrangements it grooms you to be thorough professional bringing out the best in you.  If I ever had any doubt or hesitation to try something new that would vanish with the guidance and motivation from my teacher. Have learnt more then I expected. Proud to be student of a wonderful institute.

    Senely Vaz, (13th Gen Graduatation)
  7. It is often said that it’s never too late to learn. Keeping this motto in mind, I joined this course to enhance and further develop my interest in floral decoration and design. Little did I know that in a short time span of 9 months, I would learn so much, make such great friends and consider starting a new career as a ‘floral designer’. Through the guidance of all the able teachers at IFD, I was able to grow and channel my ‘green thumb’ into a more artistic and professional approach! My friends and family do love all the floral decorations coming their way! A big thank you to all the teachers and my IFD family! It’s been wonderful to be associated with you all.

    Anu Dayal, (13th Gen Graduatation)
  8. My passion for flowers along with a creative eye and a desire to learn a few floral skills, led me in search of a floral designing course. When I came across the Institute of floral design, Mumbai, on Facebook, my search ended. I was even more pleased as it had an international accreditation.

    Through my journey at IFD, I acquired knowledge of designing arrangements as tiny as a boutonniere to larger ones that can be placed in a hotel lobby or at a wedding. With the technical knowledge imparted along with a generous amount of insider tips, by the faculty, I can now make an ordinary floral design, extraordinary. Thank you for giving us the formulas and then encouraging us to experiment and create beyond the expected.

    Even though the course turned out to be costlier than expected, I am extremely happy to add another feather in my cap. That of a trained “FLORAL DESIGNER”.

    JEAN CAROL RODRIGUES , (13th Gen Graduatation)
  9. My tribute 

    I already knew how much a bunch of lovely flowers can brighten up your mood or a room; the desire to explore the art /skills involved to make beautiful floral arrangements led me to “Google “ floral institutes across Asia, little did I know there was IFD in Mumbai itself...

    I made one “cold call” to the director Seema Jhaveri in December 2016, she explained to me what the course entailed and sent me the details via email. Seema advised me to visit the Saturday class at Dadar, where I witnessed the 3rd semester students doing their “pre wedding” assignment. I was very happy to meet Daisy mam there who gave me a few precious minutes to make up my mind to pursue the course.

    I received an invite for the March 2016 graduation and was curious to see what arrangements the students would show- off at the end of 9 months. Once again I bumped into the ever pleasing Daisy mam to my good fortune; I explained to her that I would join the course in July 2017 since I had several work commitments till June 2017. 

    One has read that there are longer-lasting emotional effects of receiving flowers. The emotional effects that flowers bring are that of overall happiness and satisfaction, however little does one know that working with flowers gives them an ultimate high!

    Right from being ignorant about the basic terms of floral design, we went on to learn the names of flowers and foliage, the basic principles of design in semester one.

    Followed by Tuesday 6am visits to The Dadar flower market, practicing and learning the techniques and styles /schools of floral design in semester two with Priyanka mam only added sophistication to our designs.

    If I have read that “flowers can boost the production of creative and flexible ideas and solutions “ I can say it’s absolutely true!

    The third semester reinforced all of the above, and filled my head with crazy creative ideas and inspired me to really stretch myself. At the end of every class I was filled with a wonderful experience of happiness and gratification.

    A Special mention to Nilufer , Sanjeevani and Harinakshi mam for their guidance and care .
    Thank you IFD for proliferating my love for Flowers and liven up my life! I end with words by my favourite artist

    “What is done in love is done well”

    - Vincent Van Gogh

    Anjali Anand, (13th Gen Graduatation)
  10. It’s all wonderful experience.  Really lots & interesting knowledge. All teachers are well experienced to make us understand about whole course.  Enjoyed the togetherness of the class.  Received great knowledge Thanks for everything.

    Aruna Singh, (13th Gen Graduatation)