Testimonial Mumbai

  1. I have always loved flowers and floral arrangements. But was an amateur. This course has given me the required knowledge and experience. The teachers have been very helpful and encouraging, always pushing us to do better. I have also learnt a lot from the workshops that I have attended. Hoping to put my newfound knowledge of flowers and floral arrangements to good use :-) 

    Tina Leong , (Events Manager)
  2. Very well planned and conducted course. Teachers put in a lot of effort in trainning the students. As a pastry chef the course helped me excel in my own field by adding the floral element to it. Thank you IFD.

    Zahra, (Pastry Chef)
  3. A Comprehensive Syllabus prepared with a Practical Approach...for the students it was 'Fun & Learning'. The weekly coaching, both theory and practical’s is comparable with international norms & standard with the stipulated duration of the course designed to cover the syllabus without sacrificing on the quality of training ....the trainees are motivated and empowered to carry out purchases independently from the wholesale flower market at Dadar for their weekly innovative assignments which include all sorts of events & functions such as inaugurations, wedding functions, for various parties like birthday, engagement, stag party, etc.. Not to forget our teachers who put in their best in training us and sharing their experience and ideas to work independently in this field of Floral Designing....In conclusion it must be mentioned that the highlight of this unique training program is the bonding it has created amongst the participants encouraging exchange of ideas and sharing of inputs which will remain etched in our memory forever.....From here on I look forward to myself as a professional Floral Designer...And would start my new venture as "Baby's Breath" The Floral Boutique, in due course of time.

    Jovita, (Service)
  4. Joining Institute of floral design was the best thing I have done ...

    The course in floristry is an interesting one. I not only learnt how to technically arrange flowers using elements and principles of design, but also how to put myself and my heart into each arrangement. 

    Teachers are kind, patient and attentive. Passionate teachers taught me to care for, see the creative potential of and appreciate the beauty of every flower. 

    It was a great outlet for me to grow much more. IFD has made me gain practical experience, encouragement and confidence. Looking forward for more workshops in future...



    Payal Agarwal , (Homemaker)
  5. Adios !!! to the Saturday class ?  It is unthinkable!!  Such a great time spent at the class in IFD, will always have a special place in my heart. The knowledge that I have of the flowers and foliage, which began in class I with Kamini maam has now slowly being built into an encyclopaedia of the subject!! The teachers have been very patient and cooperative and guided us all through.  

    The classes well organised and the curriculum precise added sharpness to the designing concepts. Learning to use different materials and achieving the desired effects always was a pleasure and the eagerness to learn more always there. 

    The only regret is that (with all due respects to the teachers), it would have been nice if we were given a different teacher in all the three terms . It would have been an experience to learn from different tutors.

    And of course who could ignore the whip of the institute? Seema maam!! with a hawk eye and her fetish for details and sharp criticism pushed all into doing their best!!

    And last but not the least!! All the wonderful friends that I made and enjoyed every moment with them. Thank you IFD for all the ROSY memories!!!

    Dhanashree Mahatmi , (Jewellery designer)
  6. It's my honour to speak about something which I was totally not aware of ... I always knew only about rose red means love and white means peace or mourning etc but only after joining this class did I knew that there are more names to flowers other than just rose and more meaning to it..
    I want to bestow my gratitude to the teachers who totally dedicated themselves for sharing their knowledge and I pray that more and more people must come forward to learn this beautiful art of God who created nature and flowers are a part of that.
    I once more thank one and all for their contribution in my life ... thanks.

    Prema Shrikant, (Homemaker)
  7. This is the end of the third semester and with a heavy heart I will be leaving IFD with very fond memories. Learning the basics and the mechanics with Kamini maam and then building my knowledge with Harinakshi maam has been a very endearing experience.
    The rigorous work and practice coupled with the patience of the teachers built the confidence in me and increased my potential. I learnt to handle different materials and used flowers and foliage in ways that i had never imagined before!!
    Apprehensive of my age in the beginning of the first term, i was put to ease by Hari maam with her soothing "Sheela Tai" and later dubbed the "Daddy" of the class ( named by some very dear friends ) in the second term. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the IFD !!!

    Sheela Patil , (Homemaker)
  8. I have had a wonderful experience with IFD.  These 9 months were full of fun, masti and loads n loads of valuable information.  I wanted to share few of my experiences – I have this terrible migraine problem I suffer from these bad headaches especially when there are huge gaps in my eating habits or less sleep or travelling in hot noon, basically any change from my regular schedule.  However this is magical, as in these last few months since I joined IFD, and inspite of getting up early at 4.30 am to visit the market or huge gaps while in class till I reach home or inspite of travelling at noon I haven’t  suffered from headaches on any Thursdays (the day when we had our IFD sessions) !!  Infact, overall there is a drastic improvement in my headaches.  Must say flowers are very therapeutic.  Everyone should be surrounded by flowers & nature.

    When we are in IFD class we are in a completely different world – all we want to do is learn, enjoy, have fun and be completely stress free.  It brings out our creativity in the best manner. I am really thankful to all teachers who have imparted so much knowledge and shared their experiences.  But special thanks to Seema Ma’am, she has been so approachable, extremely helpful and she ensures we get our techniques, styles etc all right.  She has so much information, must say - she is more than asset to this institute.  Whenever she was present in the class I would wait for her comments as her feedback is so valuable, important, and genuine as there is so much to learn from her.

    Last but not the least; I am very grateful to my friend and IFD batch mate. Neeta for introducing me to this wonderful course and pushing me to take this up.  It has been truly worth it. Thanks again...

    Madhavi Dhakan, (Service)
  9. I am a huge nature lover so no wonder I go weak in my knees whenever I spot a bunch of fresh flowers. So enrolling for this course meant being surrounded by a burst of colours, dewy fresh buds and fragrant blooms. Apart from these perks I discovered the art and technical aspects of flower arrangement. I had the opportunity of getting trained under some extremely experienced, knowledgeable and interesting instructors who always pushed us to settle for nothing but the best. Overall it has been an enjoyable and remarkable journey so far. I hope to make Seema Ma'am and all my instructors proud by blending my creativity and my learning from IFD; to carve a niche for myself in the floral industry. 

    Thanking You.

    Neeta , (Enterprenuer)
  10. I want to thank IFD for the knowledge of flowers it gave me and all the teachers who are so apt to pass the detailed knowledge they have about flowers and helping me learn so well how to creatively arrange them in different ways as per the elements and principles of floral designing. It's a real dream come true to graduate as a floral designer. Now I know how to use flowers for every occasion n emotion in the right way that it will bring a smile to whoever receives them.  Pleasure being a student of IFD . Special thanks to... Seema Mam , Daisy Mam and Harinakshi mam.

    Urvashi Furia , (Homemaker)