Testimonial Mumbai

  1. I am thankful to IFD.I came to know about IFD through facebook and newspaper , I joined the course at IFD as a passion for plants and flowers. It was a recreation from my routine housework. In this  nine month course every Tuesday was a creative and a challenging day for me . I would like to thanks the entire faculty for their guidance and creating a designer in me . Once again thank you for the wonderful experience.

    Urvashi S Dali , (13th Gen Graduatation)
  2. When I first heard about this course, I said to myself that I wouldn’t last for the 9 month duration. I felt that I would miss alot of classes due to my travel and family commitments. I was filled with doubt but I took a leap of faith and enrolled for the course.

    I am so glad that I did. In hindsight, it was one of the best decisions I have taken for my personal development. The time just flew by and I even managed to take cover up for the classes I had missed!

    I always had a liking for flowers but after completing this course, I have realised my passion for flowers. This course has unleashed my creativity and helped me bloom! The volume of flowers, arrangements, styles and techniques that we learnt is incredible. I have now gained confidence to develop my own floral concepts as we worked on real design briefs that had to be presented every week.  The knowledge and understanding of flowers and the industry that was shared to us has been extremely valuable.

    A huge shoutout to Ms Seema Jhaveri, Ms Daisy, Mrs Priyanka, Ms Harinakshi and Mrs Nilofer. A big thank you for all the encouragement, support and above all, patience. 

    I would highly recommend this course to anyone thinking of starting out or just wanting to improve on their skills.

    Mrs Naina Sewhani, (13th Gen Graduatation)
  3. While searching for this course, only IFD was an institute that fit true to all the requirements of a student wanting to learn the art of working with flowers. Faculty here makes sure to give in their best to guide their students. The atmosphere is always calm and peaceful that adds on to the interest of learning and does not make it like a typical boring experimental class. You get a chance to think beyond your capabilities and work in for getting beautiful results. If you are looking forward to learn creative and innovation floral concepts, IFD is the right place for you.

    Sagar Amale, (13th Gen Graduatation)
  4. I loved the immense hands on experience of practically working with flowers and foliage that was given when I started this course. When I joined this course I was unaware of how intensive it would be but doing this course made me realize my love of flowers and my dream of being a floral designer years back was finally fulfilled. The aspect of different styles and techniques taught and explained both literally and practically by the faculty to push you to become a floral designer was very well organized. Knowledge on everything about the art, design, science and also commercial aspects of floral design is imparted in a well structured curriculum. All aspects to make you an upcoming emerging floral designer is offered by IFD in this course. Special thanks to our Teachers Sanjeevani, Harinakshi , Daisy and  Niloufer for their valuable guidance and knowledge imparted. Also kudos to Seema Mam for her advice and for clarity provided when we have our questions. Thank you IFD for the lovely experience.

    Rani Mohanani, (13th Gen Graduatation)
  5. At my age of 54years, to take up an intensive and long course seemed too tough. On the contrary it was a great learning experience . The course is a complete one which prepares you to be a professional. Thank you to my teachers at IFD for the fantastic experience of learning this art.

    Vandana Gupta, (13th Gen Graduatation)
  6. I have recently completed the IFD course and want to express my sincere appreciation for this outstanding programme.

    It has been a blessing, an honor, and pleasure learning these past 9 months.

    The classes were small enough to get one on one feedback on each design. I especially like the hands on experience which developed confidence in each specific style.

    The instructors were talented floral designers but also patient with beginner students. They were able to give the students just the right mix of encouragement for further improvement.

    Your critiques were always positive, helpful and appreciated.

    I was pleased to study the principles of flower design, positive & negative space, and colour, not just how to put flowers into a container.

    This course has been thoroughly enjoyable and extremely valuable learning experience.

    I would highly recommend your institute to anyone who is seriously interested in joining the floral industry.

    Thank you so much!!!

    Leena Raphy, (13th Gen Graduatation)
  7. ‘’It was great learning opportunity, learned various skills, faculties are very supportive.

    Thank you IFD . Immense well wishes,’’

    Rupal Shah, (13th Gen Graduatation)
  8. Working in field of education and academics ,I was ready to do something which would be skill based and hand ,heart art and beauty based., So IFD was discovered. .It is truly amazing ...for me it was a boon as it had all what I have desired.

             It was a fantastic experience ,exceeded my expectations .You taught us the real deal about the flowers world. Thank you for giving the formulas and encouraging to experiment and create beyond expected .Your techniques are always positive  ,helpful and appreciated .

               Finally i am thinking and also started working to adopt the Floral  designs  as my 'second career ' It was a very enjoyable learning ,experience and one of my best investment  yet !!

    Dr. Krti Pathak, (13th Gen Graduatation)
  9. I want to thanks IFD & Teachers. Because of them, got a lot of knowledge of various flowers & foliage. To maintain them & make different designs, styles.

    Got a very good experience & enjoyed in this 9 months. Most main think, I learned from teachers “That never give up when having less material. Make it what we have with us, from Heart. It comes out with very nice arrangement.

    Vrushali, (12th Gen Grad Student)
  10. I went into this course not knowing anything about the floral industry and came out knowing the different names of flowers, the do's and don't of floral design and much more. Teachers are wonderful and make each class fun and exciting. She goes above and beyond just teaching you on how to make bouquets, and arrangements to teaching you on how much flowers to order for a project, how much to charge, what are the best flowers for certain projects etc. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning floral arrangements/design.

    Nikita, (12th Gen Grad Student)