Testimonial Mumbai

  1. As a complete newcomer to flowers,,IFD introduced me to the floral world.This course has been a learning experience at every step.Though at times stressful,but at the same time satisfying in seeing your imagination come alive as a beautiful work of art.It has helped me in looking at floral design as career option and not just a hobby.A special thank you to all our teachers who have always been patient with us and guided us all along.


    I wish IFD all the success in future and also hope to continue my association with IFD by learning new techniques and latest developments in Floral Design.

    \r\n Rajashree Shetty, (12th Gen Grad Student)
  2. Being part of IFD was a great enjoyable experience. The teaching programme is scientific and brings out creativity of students.The teachers are very talented and cooperative though sometimes strict. The course makes person ready to face the challenges of floristry work.ialways thought flowers can never go wrong but IFD taught me they can if not placed correctly.I Feel I Creat Differently NOW.

    \r\n Geeta Parikh, (12th Gen Grad Student)
  3. Thank you to all the teachers at IFD for their valuable input and feedback all through the semesters. I appreciate their efforts and patience maintained in the duration of this course. The information and practical knowledge provided is exceptional .


    My journey with IFD began when I first came across Facebook posts of flower jewelry and it got me so excited and curious that I decided to enrol myself into the course . However, visiting the IFD institute changed my mind and now I wanted to know more about flowers and floral arrangements.  English not being my first language I was able to understand the teachers and work on my assignment. This interaction within the institute has helped me build my confidence and speak in public. The assignments provided every week has helped me not only learn about flowers but also see the bigger picture in setting up my own business.


    I would like to thank the institute and everyone whose part of it for all the advice and professional guidance provided as I plan to become an entrepreneur in the near future. I wish you best and hope you would keep on helping other students in the future.



    \r\n Tabassum Sheikh, (12th Gen Grad Student)
  4. I am immensely thankful to Institute of floral design (IFD)for providing the training program which helped me comprehend the designing tools at professional level, it also helped me groom and prepare myself for the challenges in the floral industry. The Faculty and staff are all dedicated to student success and innovation, making IFD an exciting place to learn. The flexible and professional environment for learning provides the opportunity to explore yourself.

    \r\n Namita Nandu, (12th Gen Grad Student)
  5. My favourite amazing world of flowers. I have entered now. It is a treasure of various varieties of flowers. With the help of our knowledgeable teachers only it became possible. Everyday we have learnt new side of floristry. I am really thankful to all my IFD teachers for the knowledge they shared and the confidence they boosted. Thank you for arranging different useful interesting workshops.  Hope to be connected always with IFD.   

    \r\n MRS. AJAYA MALLYA, (12th Gen Grad Student)
  6. I'd like to thank you from bottom of my heart for everything that you have instilled in me while I  attended IFD Institute of floral design Classes. Teachers didn't hold back & taught us the real deal about the floral world.  For that Ithank you. I aspire to do great things in the industry after attending your classes.


    Thank you for enriching my life by sharing from your wealth of years of experience and knowledge. Thank you for your motivational encouragement. It has been blessing, honour and pleasure learning from you. It has been singular privilege to attend IFD school of flower design and learning from accomplished master of art.

    \r\n Mrs. Anushka Zagade, (12th Gen Grad Student)
  7. I took admission in IFD for only fulfilling my hobby which would help me overcome my deep sorrow. I was sure I’d not last beyond the 1st semester but I challenged myself to complete the course. As time went by I grew more confident with the floral knowledge that I gained. All my lovely co-operative and full of knowledge teachers taught us with passion and I totally started enjoying my course and felt it was easier to deal with my grief. As we near the completion of this course, I would like to thank all my teachers and my class mates for being there with me during the wonderful journey through floral design. I feel enriched with floral knowledge. I have made many new friends. I wish to always keep in touch with the Institute always.

    \r\n Nilima Kashikar , (Homemaker)
  8. IFD’s nine month course is amazing. Being a flower lover It helped me to increase my
    \r\ncreativity. Started from theory and finished with big projects are useful. It covers everything including name of flowers, acquaintance with different floral products, mechanics etc . Without knowing proper mechanics flower arrangements are incomplete. The teachers are very helpful and supportive and are ready to clear doubts anytime. One should experience IFD, that’s my opinion. Today i feel proud being a floral designer.

    \r\n Vinitha Jayprakash, (12th Gen Grad Student)
  9. Life is not easy, we have to deal with ups and down in our life, standup, learn and explore from it, that is the only choice. With this choice my life had a great turning point when I joined IFD after rigors request by my Wife. When I joined this Flower Design course, honestly, I was once a disbeliever myself. I didn’t even know if I would be able to deal with abundance knowledge about flowers, different techniques, beautiful designing and if I can continue with it? But with wonderful support of my wonderful and inspiring teachers like Seema Jhaveri Madam (Director IFD), Harinakshi Madam and Daisy Madam, my batch mates, and because of IFD, I was able to develop my interest and now I love it and I am very passionate and very serious about this course to complete and very much excited to start a venture in future. IFD made me who was unfamiliar with flowers to a Professional Flower Designer. Thanks

    \r\n Asram Shinde , (Computer expert)
  10. Thank you very much for the hearty welcome at the floral students' graduation exhibition. We had a blast.


    I was quite impressed by the level of the floral arrangements that the graduates had created. The students' enthusiasm was heart-warming, their pride certainly earned.


    Bollywood-Hollywood proved to be a well-chosen theme with plenty of room for creativity within the set framework. I found it beautiful to see how each individual student had given substance to the topic at her/his discretion.


    Overall it was an honour and a pleasure to be invited to this wonderful event.

    \r\n Jan Jeronimus, (International programme manager, Wellant College Netherland …. May 2016)