Testimonial Mumbai

  1. IFD has introduced me to a fresh and a blooming world of flower design. The faculty have taken efforts in smoothening all the rough edges. My perspective to flowers and designing has evolved and IFD has given me the right platform to hone my hobby to a fully-fledged career option. 
    \n   Thank you Director, Teachers and the team for all the support& advice.

    \n PratikshaAhaley , (Corporate Professional - Batch of 2015)
  2. I am really happy and lucky to attend this course of floral design. Though I am an interior designer by profession I know the meaning of details. With knowledge of the course, one can start floral business I am very satisfied with the course. Thanks Kaveri (Interior designer).terior designer).
    \nIFD’s, a great institution which has given professional touch to my creativity and passion. Phenomenal passionate and dedicated faculty. Thank you all. 

    \n Sangeeta Sharma, (Homemaker - Mumbai)
  3. IFD has been an excellent learning experience for me. I am very impressed by the structure, planning and thought behind every class and even method of instruction. Suggest email of presentations to students. More time critique. I'm glad I found this institute and would highly recommend it to any floral enthusiasts. Thanks,

    \n Rohini , (Graphic designer)
  4. The good thing I did in 2015 was “I joined IFD”. It was the floral nine months of my life where teachers in IFD taught us ABC of flowers, its industry and its designing. Thing I mainly learnt in IFD is “with very few things we can make a hit thing” but what matters is our own creativity. That’s what teacher in IFD dig up from every student. 
    \n  Thank you IFD and all teachers. 

    \n AparnaNavghare , (Service)
  5. Thanks a lot to madam for all the help and allowing me to join (IFD) after the classes had commenced and helped mecover the missed portion personally. I special thank all the teachers; they all really showed me there is another ways of creation rather than regular design. With unique tips &techniquesmy floral designing skills improved. Also critics for the practical work were the real punch, which made us work hard to make us the better Floral Designer. 

    \n JitendraKolaskar , (Resort Manager,Nasik)
  6. 9months at IFD… IFD course is but a wonderful journey through the nine months of floristry!! Talking about the first trimester, we were introduced to the world of flowers and had just started handling flowers and get our hands accustomed to their fragile little stems. This was combined with a heavy dose of theory to have our basics, about the variety of flowers, treatment of flowers, secured.The second trimester was more intense learning and practising, where we learnt the various techniques, shapes, styles of floral design. Special mention of our Ma’am, she made floral designing fun and also boosted our confidence to create beautiful floral arrangements. She told us remember that we are “Floral Designers”. Phew! The third trimester, when we went beyond vases and containers. Weeks after weeks our minds were stuck on theme/ topic allotted to us, to create some unique, out of box design. We become event planners! And executers!The foundation for a successful career in professional floral design or the knowledge to effectively enjoy our hobby has been instilled. Now, it is upon us how we take it further. The ball is in our court! Or should I say the flower is in our basket! Some parting words, the faculties at IFD, are all lovely ladies with immense experience in floristry and an uncanny knack to create extra-ordinary arrangements irrespective of the kind and quantity of material available at their disposal. This testimony will be incomplete without reference to Seema Ma’am who kept us on our toes and did not allow us to take things lightly, which needless to mention was for our own good. 
    \nThanks a bunch. 

    \n JuhiLadha , (Lawyer)
  7. The course for 9 months was intensive and gave thorough understanding of different techniques and styles and even the origin of those styles. We were able to practice and try our hand at each and every one of them. The faculty at IFD is friendly and fun and yet they ensure you do not miss out on too many classes. They ensure that students complete their practical course as well as theory before the exam time. The premises where the class is held in Dadar west, has helpful and cooperative staff, which greatly helps the students. The institute and the structured syllabus, makes sure you are well aware of commercial and industry standards as well as artistic expression and the vast differences between the two. Thank you. 

    \n EshaArya, (Service)
  8. The IFD Class was well structured, exposing entry level students in graded steps to several aspects of Western Floral Arrangement. The teachers were excellent, with in-depth knowledge of the subject and communicated in a lucid manner, encouraging students at all times to explore the design concepts beyond what was taught in class.

    \n VishakaPatil , (Floral Artist)
  9.  My experience at IFD has been enriching from the beginning. Right from learning about designs and techniques of floral designing, to challenging our creativity thereafter. The classes are conducted most professionally with a team of experienced faculty who are excellent and selfless. The tiniest details are shared with great patience & guidance is provided to bring out the best creative streak in you. The Institute has given me the confidence to make my PASSION a REALITY. At IFD you will get only the BEST!! A big thank you to this great Institute, teachers and my “Fleur Buddies” too for the most wonderful experience. All the best!! 

    \n Olivia Dcosta, (Service)
  10.  Designing is just a piece of what we do in the best possible way’. IFD has taught me a lot more than I expected in floral designing. I loved attending every class and I take pride in all the designs that I have created. I thank all the wonderful teachers for being very supportive and patient. They have inspired me to come up with many innovative ideas of my own, and have inculcated in me a habit of always keeping my eyes open and my mind sharp to recognize the freshest trends in floral designing, and to constantly enhance my creativity. Thank you -

    \n Nina Gurwada, (Teacher)