Testimonial Mumbai

  1. Ma'am , " IFD" is the best thing which had happened in my life. This nine months extensive journey with you and your excellent team is amazing... the best thing I achieved at IFD...is to see beauty in stems leaves & roots also. Now whenever I see any plant or bush or leaf, I feel connected with it...as if I know them … they are my friends. Thanking you and all the teachers

    \n KananShah, (Homemaker)
  2. At the age of 50 years, I started looking for a hobby. Flowers attracted me to IFD. The course is well planned & comprehensive, with lots of hands on work. In 9 months, IFD has taught me knowledge of flowers, designs and the confidence of doing business. Thanks to the Director and IFD, I have become a Floral Designer. And now I am thinking of starting a career in Flower Arrangements.

    \n Sheela Devnani, (Homemaker)
  3. Every artist is first an amateur. Flowers are god's most beautiful creations. Flowers do not compete with each other they just bloom. Seema madam thanks a lot for all the help extended and making me a part of the IFD family. IFD teachers thanks a lot for making each Saturday class special. The information and techniques you taught us along with the practical’s made every class unique and special .The little tips which were passed on to us made me think out of the box during the course. The workshops on Christmas and valentines were equally amazing. The 9 month journey in IFD was awesome and one of a kind. I look forward to be associated with the IFD family in the future also.

    \n Pooja Shreekant Kothare, (Inspiring florist)
  4. My passion and love for flowers made me join IFD. I was a novice in the understanding  of flowers, foliages, design  techniques style  and form. All mentors were  an epitome  of PERFECTION  and PATIENCE.  They  always encouraged  us to  unleash our  creativity  and ability  to think  out of  the box .


    The course is intense and taught with sincerity.  In past  nine months  with consistent guidance of expert IFD teacher  and faculties  who are very creative imaginative  and helpful, I am able to  turn  myself  from novice  to professional  floral  designer.  Proudly saying "IFD course is just awesome ". IFD Rocks Thanks  

    \n Neema Pandya, (Homemaker)
  5. First of all, thank you so much for giving this opportunity to have fun with flowers. It really was a very great experience to work with flowers. The course throws us with challenges to think creatively on topics - everyday occasions, special occasions, festivals and minor and major events. It’s a very enjoyable course because it provides relief from our day to day daily routine. In class all of us are encouraged to think differently on the all topics and present it as arrangements ourselves. It’s amazing. All the faculties are very helpful for my work. Thank you so much for the unforgettable 9 months and giving Me the opportunity to enjoy.Thank you so much once again.  

    \n Sheetal Mhatre, (Working professional)
  6. I enrolled in this course out of my shear love for flowers and to do something different for flower arrangements. Thanks to IFDs’ course and all our mentors who were epitome of patience with us. Also they always gave us the freedom to think out of box. I really appreciate the teaching skills of the faculties and the way they interact and take out best from us. Last but not the least as it is aptly said that without a GURU every student is has half knowledge. So we can say IFD is the best GURUKUL for floristry.  

    \n Nandini , (Homemaker)
  7. I came to know about floral designing 2/3 years back when I read an article in a Marathi Daily. Since then I was thinking to join the course. However my busy schedule was not permitting me to do so. I resigned from SBI in June 2014 and immediately I joined the course. I enjoyed learning floral designing in IFD. It is really a creative field and it gives immense pleasure and satisfaction when the design is complete and somebody appreciate it. The teaching faculty are really talented and very co-operative. I thank IFD for giving us a unique opportunity to learn something which is so uncommon. It gives lot of pleasure. It is a very good career option for those who want to do something different and creative. I thank all the teachers who are so kind and considerate and who helped us in making our base of floral designing so PAKKA.


    I thank all my co-participants who are very friendly and always ready to help others. I would like to attend workshops conducted from time to time in future especially For Ganesh Festivals, Navratri, Christmas, New Year Celebrations etc.


    I wish IFD will prosper year after year and create many more floral designers in years to come. THANKS  

    \n MS. Archana Shridhar Acharekar, (retired bank officer)
  8. I joined IFD with just one thing in my mind: "an eagerness to learn about flower arrangement".  June 27th last year was my first class and the start of my journey as a student of floral design. The last 9 months has been the most fulfilling. I have learnt so much about the world of flowers and foliages from this course and it has opened up a new world for me. The teachers at IFD are so wonderful, not only did they impart knowledge and skills to us students but they guided us with such warmth fun and care that I would look forward to each Friday class. Also I have found amazing friends in my class who are so ever ready to help you and there is a lot of sharing and camaraderie amongst us. My deep appreciation to the course Director, my teachers at IFD and my floral friends, in you I have found a family. Thank you so much.

    \n Aienla Imchen, (Homemaker)
  9. This nine month long journey has been one of the most beautiful memories which will stay on forever in my heart. I'm extremely fortunate that I got to learn under extremely talented mentors. They've been wonderful, patiently pushing us to reveal our true potentials .I realised a side of me which I never knew existed. So thank you...IFD. Truly in gratitude.

    \n Sonal Barot, (Homemaker)
  10. My experience at IFD has been inspiring and beautiful. Before joining I never knew the importance of flowers, but this class has taught me so much. It was an honour to have proficient teachers. Angelina has also helped me become an expert at handling flowers. And last but not the least, I wouldn't have got a chance to learn about any of this without Seema mam. Cheers to everyone. I had the most wonderful 9 months. Thank you.  

    \n Tanya , (Student)