Testimonial Mumbai

  1. At a crossroad looking to fulfil some things in my bucket list I accidentally stumbled upon IFD...one conversation with the Director had me hooked!! The journey has, needless to say, given me a fairly good foundation on basic techniques /information. More importantly it has reiterated that knowledge acquisition is not age bound...it is a seamless process! But what made the process beautiful is that the hand holding was just right enough to raise our quest for knowledge and ignite our creativity! I am thankful for guidance offered by all our mentors - director, teachers and trainee teacher. The beauty was that both our teachers...two totally different styles of teaching and each left me wanting for more!!!!!!

    \n Ananta Laxmi, (Home Maker)
  2. "I joined IFD to pursue my hobby of floral designing, as a total beginner this course was an eye opener to various aspects of designing and the beautiful world of flowers. I thank the IFD team for freely sharing their knowledge and expertise. It was a great journey of nine months.
    \nI wish IFD all the best for future!!”

    \n Nilufer Khambatta, (Home Maker)
  3. It was an enriching experience at institute of floral design. I thank all the teachers for systematic representation of theory as well as practical’s. In all a wonderful course.

    \n Dr.Rupali.Naik, (Homeopath & Dietician)
  4. Having heard of the existence of such a school, from my friend, who knew of my interest in ikebana, I was taken by her to an exhibition. I was curious to learn the different types of arranging processes and my curiosity got me to enrol for the course. The different techniques, form, elements, principals, mechanics and design and possibility of creation in mass as the mechanics were light and transportable (pins in Ikebana as compared to Oasis). Events too could be catered to more easily as dispatching the finished arrangements too would be easier.
    \nUsage of materials to enhance the aesthetic and visual impact was free and not restricted to boundaries of structured rules (natural elements only as against plastic wires metal etc.) The class is restricted to a controllable number and the atmosphere and the teachers were very efficient in their ability to get concepts across to us students. There is a very good bonding of relationship between the teachers, student, and made us good friends for life.
    \nI am extremely happy to have been guided to such an institute but am sad the our term is coming to an end.
    \nThanking all the staff, teachers and director

    \n Jyoti Bhansali., (Home Maker)
  5. Joining IFD has truly been an enriching experience for me. Being a Wedding Planner who started of not too long ago, learning everything about flowers and foliage, products and various foam options and colours available has given me a whole new range of décor elements to play around with. I end up sounding so much more knowledgeable in front of clients while discussing the wedding occasion’s look and theme, colours and design. Be it a sangeet or their pheras, I am completely aware of flowers, foliage and other décor aspects thanks to IFD! Being able to substitute flowers, suggest various options so each look is different has become so much simpler now! 
    \nThe teacher’s at IFD keep updating themselves with whatever around is New. We couldn’t have asked for more!.

    \n Hriday Daswani, (Viwah Dreamz – Wedding Planners)
  6. Wanted to share my experience with IFD., IFD gave me the vision to see the world of flowers and wings to my career by making me a thorough professional "floral designer" I thank my guides – my teachers who helped me n guided me on this beautiful floral path.

    \n Amisha Kadakia, (Interior designer)
  7. Thanks to IFD, for empowering me with floral design knowledge to take such assignments. Got the opportunity to deliver 250 corsage, boutonniere, hair bands & side hair combs with fresh flowers!!! For Women’s day...

    \n Ruchita Bisen, (Bank official)
  8. I joined this course to learn flower arrangement for decorating my house as a hobby, with very little knowledge of flowers. But it turned out to be my first step to pursing the course to becoming a flower designer. With some more specialization and experience, I can be a professional designer. 
    \nWhat I appreciated most about the Institute and training, under the Director, Mrs. Seema Jhaveri and her team was their ability to encourage the students, be patient with them and bring out the creativity in them. I recommend this course to those who are passionate with flowers and want to make a career in this field or just enjoy spending time to try their creativity.

    \n Mrs. Zarana Trilokekar, (Retired School Principal)
  9. I always had inclination towards organising flowers into various designs but I had no idea of vastness of knowledge in this science. IFD’s course is so well planned and design that it changes you from just a hobby learner to well trained professional designer/entrepreneur. I have found everything involving the school most professional and helpful. I would sincerely like to take the opportunity to thank all the faculty members for an enriching and worthwhile experience.

    \n Madhavi Indap, (Prof. Emeritus)
  10. I thoroughly enjoyed the class, and looked forward to it through the week. The course has created a new dimension to my life. Working with flowers and creating something beautiful gives me immense
    \njoy. And is my way of meditating and unwinding! Thank you IFD, for enriching my life.

    \n Radhika Shah, (Audiologist and speech therapist)