Testimonial Pune

  1. When I joined this IFD course, I did not realise that it would be so intense and in so much detail. I am glad I did it as now I'm a very confident of my skill and can make arrangements uninhibited.


    This course is very systematic and very well designed, it covers all aspects of flowers and flower arrangements, right from the green house process to becoming a full fledged flower Designer, with full knowledge of using mechanics and various styles!! 
    \r\nI am very happy I joined this class. Under the guidance of Our Teacher, Ms Saroj Joshi. 


    Ms. Saroj is very encouraging and dedicated. She made sure that we finished our assignments and understood each topic properly and when needed she gave additional time by taking extra classes. 
    \r\nThank you Ms Saroj and IFD . 

    \r\n Subhadra Rathi , (Batch 2016/17 Pune)
  2. I will always remember the 25 th of September 2016 for the rest of my life. This was the day I made a most important decision i.e. to join IFD. The classes were well organized and very creative. Very much thankful to Our dear the extremely talented Madam Saroj. The lessons were well explained and yet made me think and do hard work. I pay my respect and gratitude to Madam Saroj and the visiting faculty from Mumbai. I got confidence well to run my own Floral business . Thank you IFD

    \r\n Latha Chitturi, (Flower School Student)