Testimonial Pune

  1. Attending the Institute of Floral Design, Pune allowed me to achieve my dream becoming a professional floral designer. It was a very good learning experience for me. I got to learn about flowers & foliage ,styles & designs, shapes & arranging them in various ways, but this built my confidence as well. It was privilege learning from the entire faculty. I would like to mention special thanks to Saroj Tai for giving & sharing all knowledge about floral designing & always trying to bring best out of me. I have made new friends here and together we have learnt and grown with each other. Thanks again to Saroj Tai & all my dear friends.

    Surekha Shirodkar , (Home Maker)
  2. I thank IFD, and Indutai Tilak Kala Kendra for the excellent, comprehensive, interactive and enjoyable class.

    The course is very organised, and covers all aspects of floral design .

    Appreciation from all senior authorities of IFD and their guidance

    gave us the all around perspective to floral design as a profession

    Many thanks to Saroj Joshi madam, for her valuable guidance and

    dedication to the art of floral design

    Thanks to TMV for making available spacious class room for our course

    Mrs Ranjan Ozarkar, (Business)
  3. When I joined this IFD course, I did not realise that it would be so intense and in so much detail. I am glad I did it as now I'm a very confident of my skill and can make arrangements uninhibited.

    This course is very systematic and very well designed, it covers all aspects of flowers and flower arrangements, right from the green house process to becoming a full fledged flower Designer, with full knowledge of using mechanics and various styles!! 
    I am very happy I joined this class. Under the guidance of Our Teacher, Ms Saroj Joshi. 

    Ms. Saroj is very encouraging and dedicated. She made sure that we finished our assignments and understood each topic properly and when needed she gave additional time by taking extra classes. 
    Thank you Ms Saroj and IFD . 

    Subhadra Rathi , (Batch 2016/17 Pune)
  4. Thanks a ton to IFD, IFD teachers and Saroj Joshi mam for such a excellent course. The very well designed course module. Everything was very well prepared. We received everything about floral designing we needed and more. Great mixing of theory and practical classes and presentations.

    The teachers are very dedicated, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and skillful.

    Thanks a lot again for giving such a pleasing experience.

    Dr Preeti Deshmukh, (Nutrition consultant)
  5. Joining ifd  is one of the best thing i did ...

    Was a wonderful learning experience .

    Learnt different styles and techniques which will be of immense use in future .

    Saroj maam has been a wonderful  teacher that made the learning experience great ..

    One of the usp of the programmeis learning is so much fun that you never want to miss a class.

    Thanks a lot to ifd for starting a branch in Pune.


    Manisha Sanghavi, (Executive Director, Sancheti Hospital)
  6. I will always remember the 25 th of September 2016 for the rest of my life. This was the day I made a most important decision i.e. to join IFD. The classes were well organized and very creative. Very much thankful to Our dear the extremely talented Madam Saroj. The lessons were well explained and yet made me think and do hard work. I pay my respect and gratitude to Madam Saroj and the visiting faculty from Mumbai. I got confidence well to run my own Floral business . Thank you IFD

    Latha Chitturi, (Flower School Student)
  7. I absolutely loved this course. It showed the aspects of floral designing that I had never considered before. It covers all aspects of floral designing. It helped me develop my eye for various styles and designing as they relate to different areas and occasions.  During the course, I learned many new things, received encouragement to explore my creativity and style as well as improve and obtain more skill in the areas that were my weaker points.  My Potentials were harnessed, skills were developed and confidence was built. It has been a wonderful experience for me. I am very grateful to the faculty of Institute of Floral Designing (IFD).

    Krishna Vitthal Deshmukh , (Floral Designing )
  8. I would like to congratulate you & your team for organizing the wonderful Floral Exhibition, and Convocation ceremony held at Pune on 1st October 2015.
    Best Wishes to you for the future.

    Ajit B. Khadilkar, (Mumbai)
  9. I take this opportunity to formally thank IFD, for introducing such a wonderful course. I had joined this course, keeping in mind the commercial angle,. This course has proved helpful and supplementary to my previous business. So I thank IFD and the teachers who helped me in completing the course successfully.

    PrachiGodbole , (IFD Pune)
  10. I take this opportunity to formally thank the IFD team for this course that I enjoyed right from beginning all the way through. I enrolled in this course out of my shear love for flowers & plants and to do something different (than available in market) for flower arrangements at home & for my profession. I am happy to say that I got more than what I had thought about. I got opportunity to experiment with other materials apart from flowers & I am sure I can use this in my architectural profession as well.

    After initial technical info, the course challenged our creativity, well supported by all the director and faculty. I really appreciate the teaching skills of the faculty and the way she interacts with students and takes out best from us. I express my best wishes to IFD & hope that such course will help many in our city in appreciating floral arrangement & increase in awareness amongst general public.

    Mridulla Belsaare, (Architect - Pune)