Testimonial Pune

  1. I had learnt and taught about the life of flowers.

    Now after the IFD course at Pune, I learnt how flowers bring COLOUR to our lives! Thanks to Saroj Madam today FLOWERS have taken over my life!


    Theresa C., ((5th Graduation))
  2. My journey with IFD has made me a completely different person right now.When I joined IFD I was complete zero about flowers.As day passed the institute made me believe in myself.It digged out all my hidden talent and love which I had for flowers.So all thanks to my teacher saroj mam and IFD for giving so much of  knowledge to me.

    Aparna Chalwadi , (5th Graduation)
  3. IFD offers learning flower arrangement based on principles and techniques. It is a unique solution for upcoming floral designers in India. Faculty here gives personal attention to every student. Through event decoration assignment students gets opportunities to come up with new ideas and acquires knowledge to handle event decorations in outer world.

           After completing this course I got the confidence to start my own business in flower designing.

    Shilpa Bhupendra Sawant, (5th Graduation)